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About B&C Design

Welcome to B&C – Building & Car – Design!

B&C Design is the specialist for creatively processing self-adhesive material. 


The major strengths of B&C Design are quality, service and guarantee. You will always be able to find these 3 priorities in all of our realisations. In addition, we have extensive experience and our team has an officially recognised platinum certificate and we have already won several professional awards.


Our flexibility repeatedly ensures that very specific designs are processed fully tailor-made and supportive of marketing. In other words, tell us about your dream and we will realise it together.


To this end, we will provide you with a complete service: you give us any idea and then we will advise and support you during all phases of your project. Your satisfaction and pride are our crowning glory.

Why choose B&C Design?

  • Specialist for creatively applying self-adhesive material
  • Focus on quality, service and guarantee
  • Great workmanship. We strive for perfection
  • A team of highly-skilled professionals 
  • Certified Installer & Trainer
  • Fully tailor-made designs and supportive of your marketing strategy
  • We provide you with a complete service


Become a Wrapster (Carré)

VIVA 2014

Ferrari FF Car wrap